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‘La maison aux escalades’ is located on the edge of the medieval village of Largentière in the Southern Ardèche in southern France, about 650 km from Paris.

The house dates back to 1830, an era in which Largentière was in full economic prosperity and needed houses to lodge its notables. This stately mansion is part of the immediate vicinity of the former railway station of Largentière and served as a residence for the station master.





Due to its southern orientation, it overlooks the former station area and the railway bridge, and due to its high position it offers a beautiful view over the valley of the river Ligne. It is built on three vaulted cellars, so-called voutes. Two of these are water cellars that each contain 30,000 liters of rain water that served as a water buffer. Nowadays the pool is replenished, the garden is sprayed and in the future the toilets are flushed with it.

The house and the garden are situated on a slope, so there is a lot of difference in height. To reach the house and the garden, there are quite a few steps to take. Hence the name “La maison aux escalades” which means literally translated “The house on the climbs”. Access is therefore rightly “atypical”, which can only be reached on foot. It is therefore not suitable for people with walking difficulties but at the same time guarantees an idyllic and green location: outside all the crowds and yet within 5 minutes walking distance from the center of Largentière.

The garden is more than 8000 m2 and consists of about 14 plateaus (faisses) that are all accessible via old stone steps.

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The main entrance is on the side of the house and is reached via a large stone staircase..


On this ‘ground floor’ you enter the central hall.

trappenhuisHere a stately stone staircase leads to the two floors. The rest of this ‘ground floor’ floor is private, with the exception of the dining room. Here we serve the petit déjeuner (breakfast) and the table d’hôtes (dinner) in case of bad weather.








On the first floor are our private bedrooms and private bathroom. On one floor up you will find the three chambres d’hôtes, each with its own bathroom, equipped with a shower, sink and toilet.

Due to the construction of this old house, complete sound insulation, despite our efforts, is unfortunately not possible. We therefore ask you to take into account the other (temporary) residents between 10 pm and 8 am.

Location and access

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GPS:  44.539372, 4.291928