ochtendmarkt-largentiereMorning market from 8 am to 1 pm:

Monday: Vogüé

Tuesday: Largentière

Wednesday: Joyeuse

Thursday: Vallon pont d’Arc

Friday: Ruoms & Barjac

Saturday: Aubenas & Les Vans

Evening markets v.a. 6 pm to 11 pm (only in July & August):

Monday: Barjac

Tuesday: Les Vans & Vallon pont d’Arcavondmarkt

Wednesday: Ruoms & Aubenas

Thursday: Rosières

Friday: Largentière

Sunday: Sampzon & Joyeuse (from 2nd Sunday in july)

Special markets:

In addition to the daily markets, there are also special markets in the Ardeche that are not held weekly, such as flea markets and antique markets (also called brocante markets).

In Aubenas there is a flea market on all Sundays and public holidays with about 50 to 120 stalls where you can browse around comfortably.

Also nice: In Vallon-Pont-d’Arc there is a flea market / flea market with some 30 stalls on the first Sunday of the month..

brocanteIn Barjac (about 35 kilometers from Largentière) there is an antiques market twice a year, in the Easter weekend and on the weekend of 15 August. On this brocant market just south of the Ardèche you will not only find bargains and knick-knacks, but also antique items, which are not offered cheaply.

>>> Tip: Haggling is very common here…